Welcome and congratulations on your selection of the fastest and highest quality arrows on the market. Whether you shoot Carbon Revolution or a competitor’s arrow, we want you to know that there are some basics that you must know to shoot safely. The safety rules contained herein are integral for your safe use of all arrows. To reduce your risk of serious injury or death, you must read and understand all safety warnings, instructions and videos set forth herein. At least once each year, return to this website and review the warnings, instructions and videos. If you are unsure of anything in these instructional materials or have any questions in regards to Carbon Revolution products, stop and contact us at info@carbonrevolution.com .


Regardless of material, all arrows can be damaged through use and impact with other arrows or a variety of objects. Arrows may be damaged through impacts with objects (such as roots, trees, fences, posts, rocks, hard ground, target edges, etc.), through misuse (improper maintenance and care, abuse, etc.), and even through impact with each other. The video above demonstrates the potential damage to arrows that may occur. Because arrows may be damaged in a variety of ways, it is vitally important that each shaft be inspected EVERY TIME AND BEFORE EACH USE. All types of arrows can break, especially if misused or abused. If arrows break, they may shatter and cause serious injury or death. Prior to every shot, check for gouge marks, cracks, cuts or any other damage to your arrows. BE SAFE: NEVER SHOOT A DAMAGED ARROW. The method of how to inspect each arrow and what to look for is explained in the video above. For your safety, watch and understand the video prior to shooting any arrow.


The use of a bow and arrow requires considerable skill and should be treated with caution to avoid serious injury or death to persons and/or damage to property. Bows and arrows should only be used by those who are properly trained in safety or under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Read assembly instructions and all information included with bows, crossbows, arrows, hardware and adhesive packages.

Your safety is important to us, so before you start shooting, there are several things you need to know.

  • ALWAYS obey all safety rules and laws covering the owner­ship and use of these archery products in your state, hunting or archery area. Locate and read all such rules prior to using the arrows.
  • ALWAYS read all warnings, instructions and watch the video above before attempting to use this product!
  • ALWAYS select the proper arrow for your bow. Arrows are intended to be used only with bows with a specific pull weight and draw length. Shooting an arrow from a bow with a pull weight or draw length that does not match the arrow can cause damage to the arrow, serious injury or death.
  • ALWAYS handle your archery equipment with care and caution to avoid serious injury or death. Your bow fires a projectile that can seriously injure or even kill. Treat your equipment with the respect it deserves. Follow the instructions and warnings of the manufacturers for each of your archery equipment.
  • ALWAYS check all arrow components prior to shooting. Loose components can cause unbalanced arrow flight and partial dry firing of the bow.
  • ALWAYS remember that a loaded bow is a deadly weapon!
  • ALWAYS , look before you shoot!
  • ALWAYS be patient, careful, and safe. Always be aware of your surroundings and ensure that no other person or animal is between you and the target area.
  • ALWAYS operate under adult supervision. Adult supervision is required.
  • NEVER shoot a damaged arrow. Inspect your arrows for damage before every shot
  • NEVER shoot at or in the direction of another person.
  • NEVER point a drawn bow with this arrow at anything other than an intended target.
  • NEVER load a bow in a field that is not wholly clear of people. Direct impact with another person can cause serious injury or death.
  • NEVER shoot straight up or in any other direction that may endanger people or other objects. Shooting the bow in the air could result in an injury when the arrow returns to the ground.
  • NEVER shoot at hard surfaces or at the surface of water. The arrow may be damaged, or may bounce off or ricochet and hit someone or something you had not intended to hit.
  • NEVER show your skill by using a human target or permit someone to hold a target for you!
  • NEVER load a bow with an arrow unless standing in the appropriate shooting area, all players are safely behind the shooter and the signal to start shooting has been given.