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About Us

Carbon Revolution was created in 2002 after testing all other arrows on the market and seeing a need for a better arrow design to obtain optimal arrow spine stiffness yet maintain maximum speed and penetration. The Speed Pro Max arrow shaft was born and now over 18 years later continues to be the fastest most technically advanced arrow available. Made with Military Grade High Modulus Carbon, the Speed Pro Series Arrows give the shooter the best competitive edge available for the modern day Hunting and Target shooter.

We set out to design a solution for Archers that we all tend to struggle with: misjudging yardage, maximum arrow penetration, and increased accuracy in the field. The Speed Pro Max arrow was the solution and for over 18 years now our designs have set the benchmark for the ultimate arrow combination! If you are looking for the utmost in accuracy and speed, look no further than the Speed Pro Max arrow…

The Speed Pro Max Shafts by Carbon Revolution are made with some of the highest military grade carbon available on the market, enabling you to have incredible accuracy with a hunting shaft.

  • The Fastest, Most Accurate Arrow you will ever shoot!
  • Increase your arrow speeds a minimum of 30 Feet Per Second over what you are currently shooting and in most cases considerably more. (*with SPEED PRO MAX HUNTER SHAFT and 55grain setup compared to other arrow setups)

The Speed Pro Max shaft has an amazing arrow-spine to arrow-weight ratio which equals a much flatter trajectory during the shot, more penetration and ultimately making you a more successful hunter!

Whether its the Speed Pro Max Hunter for optimal hunting accuracy or the Speed Pro Max Target arrow for the Target shooter looking for that competitive edge... Experience the Speed Pro Max difference, where Speed Kills!